Host multiple websites on different servers & networks

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  • 15 Servers hosted World wide
  • Unique IP and DNS per server
  • Auto Wordpress Install
  • Email and FTP access
  • 24x7 Tech Support
  • Auto SSL Install
  • Free Migration

Hosting Packs

Below are our hosting packs

3 cPanel Accounts

  • cPanel Hosting
  • 3 x 1GB diskspace
  • 3 x 50GB bandwidth
  • Includes FTP and Email access
  • Wordpess, Joomla, Drupal, HTML etc...

5 cPanel Accounts

  • cPanel Hosting
  • 5 x 1GB diskspace
  • 5 x 50GB bandwidth
  • Includes FTP and Email access
  • Wordpess, Joomla, Drupal, HTML etc...

10 cPanel Accounts

  • cPanel Hosting
  • 10 x 1GB diskspace
  • 10 x 50GB bandwidth
  • Includes FTP and Email access
  • Wordpess, Joomla, Drupal, HTML etc...

15 cPanel Accounts

  • cPanel Hosting
  • 15 x 1GB diskspace
  • 15 x 50GB bandwidth
  • Includes FTP and Email access
  • Wordpess, Joomla, Drupal, HTML etc...

Account Features

This is what is included with your hosting account
Responsive Layout

Distributed Servers

Each server is hosted with different hosting companys on different networks.

Retina Graphics


Each server is hosted on powerful Intel servers using fast RAID10 SSD

Powerful Performance

Nameservers (DNS)

Each server uses a different whitelabled (DNS) nameserver and IP address.

Responsive Layout

Hosting Partners

Hosted with reliable quality hosting providers, to ensure best uptime.

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Industry standard software (cPanel, Cloudlinux, MariaDB, Softaculous).

Powerful Performance

Free SSL Certificates

Each domain will automatically get a Free SSL installed.

Responsive Layout


You can use Wordress, Joomla, Drupal or even host HTML style website.

Retina Graphics


We perform daily and weekly offsite backups stored off network.

Powerful Performance


We offer quick and friendly 24x7 Technical Support. (Billing/Sales Daytime)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find common questions we get asked.


Why is my first payment different?
When you first order, you are paying for the rest of the current calendar month (Prorated). So your initial order will be less then advertised. Then your next payment will be made on the 1st of the next month. If purchase is made on the 25th or afterward of the current month, you will pay a prorated amount for the current month, and full amount for next month. For example, if you purchased on January 26th, you will pay a pro-rated amount for January, and all of February. Your next payment will not be made until March 1st which will pay for the month of March.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes we offer a 7 day refund on hosting services.
Do you offer any discounts?
Any discounts we offer will be made public on our page.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my hosting pack?
Yes you can easily upgrade/downgrade your plan at anytime from within the support portal.
What payments do you accept?
You can pay with Paypal or credit card.
After payment how soon can I order my hosting accounts?
You can start right away. After purchase, you will get an email on how to order your hosting accounts.
Can I pay with a subscription?
All payments are automatically setup to use a subscription. All payments are made on the 1st of each month.
Can I pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually?
We prefer monthly payments, but if you prefer something different, place your order, but do not pay. Send in a billing ticket and we can adjust your invoice.
Do you offer discounts if we pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually?
Quarterly - no discount
Semi-annually - Price of plan x 5.5 months
Annually - Price of plan x 10 months


How many IPs do I get?
You do not get any dedicated IPs. Each server/location is 1 shared IP. If you order a hosting account on Server 1, that is one shared server IP. If you order another hosting account on that same server, you wil lget the same IP. If you want a different IP, then you would need to place and order on another servers ex: Server 2,3,4 etc.
Are you server IPs, the same, sequential, or the same class?
No each Server IP is completely different. They are separate servers in different datacenter with different hosts.
What are you locations you offer?
We currently have 15 Servers: 12 All across the US. 2 in Europe, and 1 in Canada.
Are each hosting account on different servers?
You get the option and ability to pick where you put your hosting accounts. You can pick a different server, or place it on the same server if you like.
Do you create my account or can I?
You can create or terminate your account any time you like. If you like us to create the accounts for you, just place a ticket with billing or Sales and we can create them for you. We just need the domain names you want to use and if you want Wordpress to be installed or not.
Are you nameservers (DNS) all the same?
No all of our DNS servers are completely different from each other. Each server uses a different generic whitelabel DNS server.
Do you allow pornography?
No we do not allow pornography, warez, anything illegal, or websites that will cause any harm to the servers/networks or other servers/networks. Please read out Terms of Service for more details. We will allow links to other adult sites.
Will you migrate my website?
Sure. we can migrate your website. Just in a support ticket, with your cPanel, or host login info. If you do not have that, we can try with Wordpress login info and use a plugin to backup your site.
Do you allow domain addons?
We allow 5 domain addons per cPanel account..

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