How to install Wordpress Print

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NOTE: Log in to DirectAdmin. View tutorial How to log into DirectAdmin

In this tutorial, we will be using the domain as an example. Be sure to replace the above domain with your domain you want to use.

  • Log into DirectAdmin. (See link at top)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on either Softaculous Auto Installer or the WordPress Icon. For this example, we will use the WordPress Icon
  • Click on the blue Install Now button.
  • In the Software Setup section...
  • Choose the version you want to install ( leave this default as it will use the current version)
  • Choose Installation URL Protocol (should be https:// assuming you have SSL installed)
  • Choose Domain (Check to see you have your domain selected)
  • In Directory (if you see WP remove. Only enter in a name if you want to install WP in a directory IE:
  • In the Site Settings section...
  • Site Name (You can change it now, or leave it and change it later)
  • Site Description (You can change it now, or leave it and change it later)
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU) (If you are not sure what this is or don't need it, leave it unchecked)
  • In the Admin Account section...
  • Admin Username (Do not use Admin. Enter in a username you want to use)
  • Admin Password (Do not use pass. Enter in a strong password you want to use)
  • Admin Email (enter in an email address you will receive emails for)
  • In the Choose Language section…
  • Select Language (Select desired language you want to use. English is the default)
  • In the Select Plugin(s) section...
  • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) - (This is optional to check off)
  • Classic Editor - (I suggest not to check this off and use WordPress new editor)
  • In the Advanced Options section, you can skip this
  • In the Select Theme section, you can choose a theme now, or add them in the dashboard after WordPress is installed.
  • Click on the blue Install button to install
  • Once completed it will take you Congratulations, the software was installed successfully
  • Here you can click on the Administrative URL : to access your WordPress dashboard


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