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CodeGuard is a 3rd party service we offer here. If your website is hosted here, it's completely automated and nothing for you to do. Codeguard will automatically connect to your hosting account and backup your website every day.

Files are stored offsite on a remote server hosted on Amazon S3.  No backup files will accumulate on your hosting account, unlike many other WordPress plugins.



Does Codeguard only WordPress?
No.  Codeguard is not dependant on your CMS. It connects to your hosting account via FTP and transfers your files. You can use any CMS or just plain HTML/PHP files.

Will Codeguard backup my Databases?
Yes, it will backup your databases as well.

How many accounts/domains can I backup?
Codeguard only backups the main domain account.

Do you offer any refunds?
There are no refunds on Codeguard once purchased.

Can I restore my own website files?
Yes, log into our support portal and click on your Codeguard Service.  There you will see option to log into Codeguard's control panel.  From there you can restore the whole account, select files, or download your files.

Is it really this simple and automated?
Yes, we have tested the service, and we were very impressed with the simplicity of it.  Perfect for non-tech users who want simple automation.

Where can I go to read more about it and purchase it?
You can go here to review more about it in detail  https://netville.ca/support/index.php?rp=/store/codeguard



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